Assistive Listening Devices

Bluetooth devices

Many manufacturers are now producing hearing aids that are compatible with Bluetooth technology. We offer devices that allow your hearing aids to link directly via Bluetooth to your cellphone, ipad, computer or television. This allows the sound signal that you are listening to come directly through both of your hearing aids which gives you high quality sound. Read more here.


FM systems

Personal FM systems can be used with hearing aids. FM systems can be extremely helpful in specific listening situations and for patients with very challenging hearing losses where hearing aids only help to some extent. Patients wear a pickup device on their hearing aids or around their neck. A microphone is worn by their communication partner or placed near the person they want to hear. The sound that the person wants to hear gets sent through the air from the microphone to the pickup device and received into both of the hearing aids. This allows sound from a distance of 20-30 feet to be delivered clearly to a person’s ears. It therefore helps cut out background noise significantly and essentially enables the person with hearing aids to use the microphone as a ‘3rd ear’ to hear with.


Pocket amplifiers “Pocket talkers”

Pocket amplifiers are simple devices that can be used to turn up sounds when patients don’t have hearing aids. We have used them frequently with patients in long-term care facilities. They look like a Walkman with headphones. The person talking speaks into a microphone which gets turned up and sent directly into the person’s ears via the headphones. There is a wire and the maximum distance between the microphone and the person’s headphones is approximately 5 feet.


Other helpful devices

We often recommend assistive listening accessories such as amplified telephones, shake awake alarm clocks, and television listening systems.