Hearing Aid Care

  • After use clean your hearing aids with a soft cloth or tissue. Use the brush and pick supplied to get any excess wax off the hearing aid(s).
  • Open the battery door, to help save the battery life, when hearing aid not in use.
  • Store hearing aids in a safe dry place and keep out of reach of pets.
  • Use a dri-aid kit regularly, especially in the hot and humid summer months. Moisture can cause problems with the electronic components in the hearing aids.
  • Never get your hearing aid wet. Do not use hearing aids when you are having a shower, bath or during times of excessive perspiration.
  • Do not leave your hearing aid(s) in your pocket or wrapped in a tissue. Hearing aids often end up in the washing machine or garbage if you are not careful.
  • Have your hearing and hearing aid(s) tested once a year to monitor change.
  • Maintain realistic expectations. Hearing aids can provide you with a great deal of benefit in a variety of different listening environments but they do not restore normal hearing.
  • Leave the tab on batteries until time of use. This will keep the battery from prematurely draining.