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Your Hearing

Understanding Hearing Loss and How to Treat It

Hearing aid professional fitting a patientHearing loss is not a one-size-fits-all condition. However, it is common and treatable if handled correctly. With the different types of hearing loss and levels of complexity, a hearing professional can guide you through selecting the right solution for your specific hearing and lifestyle needs.

The Role of Hearing Healthcare Professionals

We are trained to identify hearing loss and provide customized treatment that addresses your specific hearing needs and lifestyle.


Prescription Hearing Aids

What you can expect: 

  • Hearing aid programmed and supported by a professional 
  • For all ages
  • A hearing evaluation is required
  • Standard and customized options are available
  • Return policy is mandated by the state
  • For any degree of hearing loss; hearing aid is programmed to the individual hearing loss profile (audiogram)
  • Follow-up care and instructions provided by a professional


Do Not Buy Hearing Aids in a Store on Online

Your Health and Safety Matters

Only HEARING AIDS authorized for sale by Health Canada may be advertised in Canada.

You need a prescription to purchase a legal hearing aid in Ontario.

Over the Counter ("OTC") hearing aids which can be sold without a prescription, in the USA, either in stores or online are not authorized for sale in Ontario .

All marketing and advertising of OTC hearing aids, whether in print, online, on TV or on the radio, is illegal in Canada.

  • This illegal marketing and use of OTC hearing aids may harm you and others.
  • Health Canada monitors illegal advertising and, where necessary, may recommend criminal charges against those who market and sell OTC hearing aids in Canada.


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